Private Jet Management

Own With Ease

Aircraft management services simplify aircraft ownership for those who do not want to manage their own flight department, and who desire the cost offset from charter revenue. 


Flight crews play a considerable part in the safe operation of your aircraft. Dumont JETS can conduct a thorough search for crew members that have the proper experience in a specific type of aircraft.  Additionally, we have the connections to find and train crew members that have good decision making skills and provide exceptional customer service.


JetEx has negotiated a fleet insurance policy that provides outstanding coverage and savings for you.

Maintenance Control

Maintenance oversight and control is vitally important to the consistent operation of your aircraft. The dedicated and experienced team at JetEx will make sure that the proper safety checks have been performed prior to every trip. 

Flight Planning and Dispatch

JetEx has a dedicated owner services team to plan and review trip details, as well as oversee the entire trip. No detail is too big or too small!

Charter Management

Aircraft owners can significantly offset their costs of ownership by joining the JetEx charter fleet.   

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