JetEx Co Ownership enables a maximum of four owners to share the capital cost of an aircraft, access the entire fleet with a low occupied one way rate without any of the financial stress and hassle that comes with being a sole aircraft owner.

Many private jet travelers only use a plane 50 – 100 hours per year, and their travel is often one way, which is inefficient for most jet ownership models. A sensible alternative is Co Ownership.

As a Co Owner, you’ll:

  • share the acquisition cost of a classic Falcon 50 or LearJet with up to three other owners,
  • pay no fixed costs,
  • fly for the lowest fixed rates in the private aviation market, anywhere in the service area

Co Ownership Entails:


The Acquisition Cost is a one-time investment based on the share size, aircraft type, duration and buy-back terms. The size of the share purchased determines how many hours are available to the Owner annually.


The Usage Rate is a hourly cost that is based on flight activity. This fee covers direct operating costs, including fuel consumption, maintenance, pilots, landing fees and concierge service.


Zero. JetEx covers 100{d2d95278b7654f0d8b3b336be8b0528dfcf848198fd0cc788a4f8cbfe5cdd37e} of the operating costs of your asset, including insurance, pilots, and maintenance costs.

The Value of the JetEx Program:

The costs associated with private jet travel vary across the industry. At JetEx we deliver a higher quality, lower cost private aviation solution to the marketplace, and we are in business to serve the Owners in our fleet. Our core values entail taking care of our Owners.

Owners capitalize high quality Falcon 50 or LearJet aircraft in the JetEx program, and in turn enjoy access to the fleet at about half retail rates.

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